This site is some kind of collage of various things I am doing in my spare time. The main topics are:


DigSim is a modular digital circuit simulator written in Java. It allows a logical 4-state simulation of digital components (1/0/HiZ/Unknown) in fast forward mode (runs the simulation as fast as possible) and real time mode (don't run faster than time in reality passes by).
The main motivation for this project was to have a simulator that allows the integration of userdefined non-standard components, which are not supported in other simulators. Download or read more...

The Circuit Archive contains some circuits that can be built at home.

Electronics and PC-Hardware related

A very useful one is the pport project, it's a kernel module for linux, that allows any program to access the parallel port with the normal file io routines, even scripts and java. With the ParPort java package, it's easy to use the port within java applications.

Another one is a very flexible programmer for eprom/gal/pic. The software is in java and allows to write own driver classes so that new devices can be programmed with the same hardware: Universial Programmer


Set Game Simulator:

This is a game simulator for the Set card game. look and play

Chess Game in Java:

This is a very simple chess computer programm implementation. It is more like a (non)proof of concept, the computer thinks that slow that it is no real oponent. I still want to see it.

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