Set! The Card Game
The SetGame Simulator V0.09 simulates different game modes using the set cards. The program can be tested online, using javawebstart (click here to play) or you may want to download the jarfile and start it using java -jar setgame.jar (Download the jarfile here).

With NetworkMode, it is also possible to play against other users, click here to test it.
The program was written fully in java, it should run on every platform supporting java (WindowsXP/Win98 WinMe/Linux/Solaris).

The game contains 81 cards, each having 4 properties, each property may have one of three values:
  • Symbols: Each card has symbols of one kind on it: rectangle, ellipse or wave
  • Count: Each card has 1, 2 or 3 of these symbols
  • Color: The symbols may be red, green or blue
  • Fill: The symbols can be unfilled, semifilled or filled

The goal of the game is to find sets. A set contains 3 cards where each property is the same for all 3 cards or different, e.g. 3 cards can form a set if the symbol is different on all cards (rectangle, ellipse, wave), the count is the same (all have 2 symbols), the color is the same (all are green) and the fill is different (one is unfilled, one semifilled and one full).

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Last updated: 29.07.2005