JChess V0.3
JChess was the result of an attempt to write a functional chess programm. Although jchess is functional, it is much to slow to be a good oponent. Apart from that, some methods are not fully implemented: The machine doesn't detect the mate, it just throws an exception without any visible change on the GUI (So look at the console or into the java webstart logfile to see when you have won). If you have java webstart installed you can test jchess here. Otherwise you would have to download the jchess.jar file and execute java -cp jchess.jar fips.game.jchess.JChess engine=black. Both variants need at least java version 1.4. You may also want to take a look at the source: jchess_source_v0.3.zip.

Contact: e-mail: me (%) halfdog.net
Last updated: 14.9.2004