IT-Security Electronics Misc

Topics: Linux kernel and userspace, networking and crypto analysis and exploitation. (intro below)


  • TTY input data pushback privilege escalation (more)
  • Virtualbox taskgate CPL check DOS (more)
  • Linux kernel binfmt_script stack disclosure (more)
  • ... (full list)

Topics: Ancient samples of electronic circuits, some to be connected to a PC, helper applications for control, e.g.

  • Linux kernel module for full parport control, test circuit (more)
  • ... (full list)

Topics: Other topics and old stuff not yet cleaned up, e.g.

  • Misc utils for testing (more)
  • VirtualBox tips&tricks (more)
  • Yet another gnupg howto for secure use (more)
  • Two demos, one hardly useful, (more ...)

This site is some kind of collage of various things I am doing in my spare time. See also sitemap


This is the largest and most active part of this site. The various activities related to IT-security get their input from bugs and anomalies discovered, when trying to understand some piece of software or when I attempted to use it for one of my private project, but the software did not work as expected. That is the reason, why most of the material is related to linux kernel/application bugs, network protocols mixed with crypto-fun. Read more...

Software and Hardware Project Resources

Read more about ancient software and hardware projects from the old 2000-2005 homepage. These page are still kept here just because there is still some references to it out there. The content should be reviewed and updated.

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