This site is some kind of collage of various things I am doing in my spare time...

IT-Security Electronics Misc

Topics: Linux kernel and userspace, network, crypto analysis and exploitation. This is the largest and most active part of this site. Read more...


  • Libc realpath buffer underflow, privesc (more)
  • Gain Access to SSH Group via ssh-agent and OpenSSL (more)
  • Debian Exim Spool directory races local root (more)

Topics: Ancient samples of electronic circuits, some to be connected to a PC, helper applications for control, e.g.

  • Linux kernel module for full parport control, test circuit (more)
  • ... (full list)
Most content just migrated from old 2000-2005 homepage.

Topics: Other topics and old stuff not yet cleaned up, e.g.

  • Misc utils for testing (more)
  • VirtualBox tips&tricks (more)
  • Yet another gnupg howto for secure use (more)
  • Two demos, one hardly useful, (more ...)

Just writing about things I did when it might be relevant for others also. Also focused quite on software, technical issues, e.g.

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