The two pgp key tools allow to create pgp keys with a specified key-id, that are the lowest 32 bits of the fingerprint. The main motiviation to write such a program was to have a key-id with some personal touch and that is easy to remember. The tools do not contain any sophisticated numbertheoretical algorithms to find a given fingerprint. The program tries to reduce the the number of computational expensive long-number operations (modular exponentiation) by varying the creation timestamp, that is also included in the fingerprint.

Security Considerations

Since the program is only fast enough to create keys where some of the fingerprint bits, e.g. the lowest 32 ones, are fixed, it does not affect pgp security as such. Nonetheless, there are some scenarios, where a human user could be tricked to accept a key with a similar fingerprint:

DSA Key Generator

Instructions for use:

El-Gamal Key Generator

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